When March 06, 2024 at 12:30pm 45 mins
Where Webinar

Join us for this interactive LinkedIn live event, where several industry experts, will be exploring how coaching and training can help you to grow your business 💥.

The temptation as small business owners, is often to solve business challenges alone, and for many, reaching out for help, can be seen as a sign of weakness 😢.

Views are slowly changing, however there is still a lot of catching up to do, particularly if we consider how widely adopted coaching is utilised in professional sport💡.

During this event we will be tackling some of the questions that we all business owners pose ourselves at times, regarding coaching, to include:

- Am I really coachable?
- Surely, I would only use a coach if I were struggling?
- I know my business better than anyone, and so how could a coach or mentor possibly help me?

During this event we will be exploring…..

#1 The difference between coaching and mentoring. Which is the best route.
#2 The different scenario’s when you may consider using coaching services.
#3 How on earth would you go about choosing a coach or mentor. It seems as though there are so many “so called experts” out there.....

If you have ambitions to grow your business in 2024, then be sure to register, to what promises to be a super insightful and lively discussion 🤩.



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