Who are We?

We're a small, dynamic team with big ambitions for our members, the business community of Watford and West Hertfordshire. Helping our members develop their businesses, and bring benefit to the wider community in which they trade, is why we exist.

What do we Do?

Our watch words are inclusion, equality and sustainability. We believe that success in business comes from being open-minded and embracing the wider community. Hence our emphasis on a wide variety of projects such as Mental Wellness, Food Bank Friday and Garden Tidying for elderly residents. We're committed to helping our members find new opportunities on both an economic and social level. 

We understand that who you know is critical for sales success. "People buy people". That's why networking and making valuable introductions is at the heart of what we do at the Chamber. Whether you're an individual entrepreneur, small or medium sized firm, large corporate or global enterprise, it's hard to do business if you aren't making the right connections.

What do we Believe in?

Being well-connected ourselves, our skill lies in putting people together and witnessing the opportunities that unfold. Our members do all the work - we simply facilitate and empower in 3 key ways:

1. Organising events and providing every opportunity for our members to learn, explore and share valuable knowledge.
2. Turning our members into skilled networkers - developing their ability to locate and participate in a bigger commercial picture.
3. Introducing our members into the chamber's wider community - giving and receiving help across all corners of our business, social and environmental world. 

We offer members a broad range of services and opportunities for learning and development.
Connecting, educating, supporting and promoting through the Chamber, giving everyone the chance to prosper.

Our Goals

To unify and amplify the voices and influence of progressive minded business professionals.
To affect positive change in our local communities.
To develop our people and protect our environment.
To assist local businesses to employ local people contributing positive impact to local needs.
To create more business for local companies.

Who are our Members?

All business - startups, self-employed people and freelancers, small to medium sized companies, larger corporates and global organisations., Charities, CIC’s, Non for profit, Schools and Universities . We encourage connections and relationships between sectors and sizes. But, recognising that commonalities are important, we also create Business Hubs within industry sectors, leading to cross-fertilisation of ideas and resources.