When June 13, 2024 at 12:30pm 1 hr
Where Virtual
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  • As billions funnel into the development of AI, the mesmerizing potential of HI, our innate ability to think strategically, create, collaborate, and navigate the complexities of human emotions and relationships, seems overshadowed. Yet, it's this very essence of HI that holds the key to unlocking high performance in a world dominated by technology.

At the heart of HI lies the essence of strategic thinking and growth.  Unlike AI, which operates within the confines of its programming and data, HI is boundless. This strategic thinking is vital not just for personal success but for the growth of societies and businesses alike. Investing in HI means nurturing a culture where creativity and strategic planning are paramount, where individuals are encouraged to think big and beyond the conventional.


  • In pursuit of the human touch – empathetic mindsets
  • The shift away from HI.  A cautionary tale…
  • The high performer – the 3 core traits we ALL must learn to master
  • When HI comes to the rescue in challenging times

 This COMPLIMENTARY virtual workshop is aimed at business leaders who want to discover how we can harness HI to create a world that values human happiness, growth, inventiveness, collaboration, resilience, problem-solving, and wellbeing.

For in the vast expanse of intelligence, it's the human heart and mind that hold the key to our greatest potential.

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