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Business News for 1st February 2012 :: The Portas review

 The Portas review: an independent review into the future of our high streets (PDF, 2.0 Mb) . You can also read the press notice: Mary Portas sets out her vision for the future of our high streets. The Government will respond formally to the report’s recommendations in due course.

The purpose of the Portas review was to identify what the Government, local authorities, businesses and others can do together to promote the development of new models of prosperous and diverse high streets. It forms part of the Government’s work on the Growth Agenda. The main aims of the review were to: 

  • Examine the case for developing town centres that contribute to promoting economic growth, creating jobs and improving quality of life in local areas
  • Explore new business models for high streets relevant to the modern consumer
  • Recommend what action government, businesses and other organisations should take to create diverse, sustainable high streets where small businesses and independent retailers are able to thrive.

Follow the link to see more Also follow link to see video

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