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Business News for 21st February 2012 :: Small Business incentive to join Watford Business Against Crime

Gerald Holderness took over the role as the Watford Business Against Crime (WBAC) Manager in February 2012.

He explains:

One of my first priorities is to make the scheme more inclusive to small businesses. We want to make the scheme more accessible and affordable so that smaller businesses can join. I will be introducing a reduced membership fee which will give the new members an opportunity to share essential information and intelligence via the scheme’s intranet site and in person at the monthly WBAC meeting.

Most small businesses do not have the time, money or staff to make full use of the current scheme. This new tier opens up a new communication line with the police and other members and will promote inclusion of those smaller shops and businesses.

During this very difficult time for businesses, particularly the retail sector, acquisitive crime has increased at a time when spending is down. Crime prevention and detection is therefore vital in order to reduce losses.

WBAC and its members strive constantly to achieve loss prevention in order to benefit not just their own businesses, but every business in Watford so that the town is a safer and more attractive place to visit for us all.

If you are interested in joining the scheme please contact Gerald Holderness on 
01923 442 442

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