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Business News for 1st February 2012 :: Queens School Needs Your Help

The event will take place at the North side of the School and will be from 6.00pm until 8.00pm . Free parking is available and set up on the day can take place from 4.00pm. Tables, chairs and powerpoint facilities will be available to those companies taking part. All local companies are invited to attend and not just those who may have  staff vacancies at the present time.

For further information and to reserve your place please contact Keith Reynolds Career Academies Co-ordinator at the school  on 07969 068697  or email ReynolKe@queens.herts.sch.uk

Queens School would also like to hear from any local business people who would be willing to give up one hour to make a presentation to students during a business lesson- they call it a Guru lecture! The subject matter could on any business topic that is felt relevant. What a good career opportunity for a member of your team  and  your contact point at the school is again Keith Reynolds.

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