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Business News for 1st February 2012 :: Britain is the shoplifting capital of Europe

Britain is the shoplifting capital of Europe - the crime has increased by over 12% in the last year. This film heads to the front line of the battle between shops and robbers, revealing the cunning and clever up-to-date tactics employed by both sides.

The summer riots highlighted that Brits are prepared to break the law and steal to get what they want. Whilet store detectives are refusing to give up the fight, shoplifters are equally determined to outwit them. It's a surreal world of cat and mouse - detectives scour Facebook while lifters use a range of complex tricks to try to disable those seemingly unmovable tags.

The recession is dramatically changing the goods that are being stolen - the theft of clothing is being replaced by a huge rise in meat stealing. With shoplifters becoming smarter and more presentable in appearance, security staff have to become experts in body language to stay one step ahead.

These committed detectives are putting their necks on the line, often without handcuffs or stab vests, while they try and detain people who, when caught, can sometimes turn violent.

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