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Business News for 26th September 2011 :: Heart Health is the Talk of Your Town

Love your heart

Every heart needs protecting and by living within a Heart Town you can benefit from the BHF’s wide range of resources and education programmes, including:

  • Health at Work – turn your workplace into a more active, energised environment with this free package of practical tools and resources to promote better health in your organisation.
  • Heart Matters – a free service for keeping your heart healthy, including a magazine that’s packed with great ideas and support.
  • Keeping young hearts beating – a programme for local schools, youth groups, nurseries - including Artie’s Olympics, Ultimate Dodgeball and Jump Rope for Heart.

 For more information visit bhf.org.uk/hearttowns

 The BHF and your community – bringing hope to millions

For 50 years the BHF has helped the people of the UK look after their hearts, and fight heart disease. Now we are going one step further by striving to find a way to permanently mend damaged hearts. That’s why this year, alongside the Heart Towns initiative, we launched the

Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. At the moment there is no cure for a damaged heart. But

Thanks to the zebrafish, who can heal its own heart, and the amazing BHF Mending Broken Hearts research programme, we believe we can use this science to mend our hearts too, and bring hope to millions. But we can’t do it without you and the communities in our Heart Towns.

There are lots of ways to give hope

To support the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal you can join in any of the fun Heart Town events put on by your council, and your local community.

You can also be part of a vibrant local volunteering community, or put on your own event. You could create your very own One Day event – whether you invite family, friends and neighbours to a street party, ask your work colleagues to sponsor you to do something, or simply get some friends together. As long as we all do something.

For your kit containing great tips, advice, and a whole bundle of ideas on your One Day events, visit bhf.org.uk/hearttowns or call 0844 847 2787.

Katherine Webb

British Heart Foundation

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