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Business News for 23rd March 2011 :: Sponsoring An Event

One of the main reasons businesses join the Chamber and remain members is for the networking events the Chamber provides.  Why not take this a step further and work in partnership with the Chamber by sponsoring an event, which will help you to increase your profile amongst the local business community, maximizing the exposure of your business, capture an audience of ever growing Chamber members, promote, highlight and exhibit your products and services.  It’s all about YOU…

As a sponsor, you will receive benefits throughout the life of an event, including branding and networking opportunities and with networking remember:

It's not so much about who you know, but who knows you

Delegates who attend our events on a regular basis inform us that the networking we provide is as beneficial, or more cost effective than any other form of business communication they undertake.  Whether you are attending or sponsoring a network event our Chamber members suggest:

  • Attend regularly
  • Refer business to other members
  • Work the room effectively
  • Be prepared to buy as well as sell

From listening to our members, we have been able to devise a series of sponsorship packages that offer your business superb opportunities for high level networking, combining corporate hospitality.

A great way to promote your business

If you would like to discuss the sponsorship opportunities available please contact Lorraine Marshall on 01923 442442 or email lorraine@watford-chamber.co.uk

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