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Business News for 1st August 2010 :: BUSINESS BENEFIT FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST

The Chamber is able to offer a FREE service to members - a 24 hour telephone legal help line - which provides advice on employment law health and safety issues, construction safety, environmental health and commercial law – all of which can be very costly to businesses.

Most businesses come across these frustrating, time consuming issues that can soon spiral out of control. So the next time you have problems with employee disputes such as wrongful and unfair dismissal, redundancy and pension rights, appeals for statutory licences, data protection act issues, property and landlord disputes, tax and VAT and NIC disputes enquiries and investigations, help and guidance is available at the end of a telephone.

In addition, the service offers Legal Expenses insurance providing up to £670,000 worth of cover to help when the unexpected and sometimes the unimaginable happens! Sometimes a routine job can become a major financial disaster, but the insurance provided can help alleviate the strain and allow you to keep your business running smoothly. It can also help with personal injury claims, prosecution defence, business motoring – pursuing uninsured losses following a road accident and the expense incurred by Jury service and attendance.

To obtain more information - please call Elizabeth on 01923 442442.

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