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Business News for 23rd December 2009 :: Channel Five Series about Small Business

The series will feature 8 small businesses and we’re on the lookout for those businesses now, so if you think you’re in need of some uplift, a bit of guidance through these tricky times or are struggling with the usual issues of time management/ how to market or how to predict your cash flow, we’d love to hear from you.

We all know that Britain is alive with creativity – we have more passionate entrepreneurs than any other country in Europe – but when it comes to the practical business skills we often fall down. And with 30,000 independent businesses estimated to go bust this year we all acknowledge that it couldn’t be a tougher time to run a small business in Britain and any bit of help should be a good thing. The series will purposefully air just before the election as most people believe that small businesses will be a very hot topic and what will really get the economy moving again. We all know that it’s the small businesses not the banks who are actually funding the country and it’s about time that this became our main focus!

If you are interested I would be very grateful if you could contact us as soon as possible at smallbusiness@optomen.com or telephone 020 3227 5900.



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