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Business News for 18th February 2009 :: TRAINING INITIATIVE OPEN COURSE PROGRAMME

  • Understand the difference between aggressive, behaviour, manipulative and passive behaviour.
  • Have a clear understanding of assertive behaviour, assertive verbal language and assertive body language
  • Develop skills in saying No and making a difficult request.
  • Consider the links between assertive communication and self esteem.
  • Develop strategies for building confidence.

This interactive 1/2 day workshop provides practical and effective techniques to assist people in handling difficult people and situations confidently and effectively.
By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:-

  • Interpret difficult behaviours and relate these to possible causes.
  • Explain the motivators and payoffs that people achieve from their aggressive or passive behaviour.
  • Recognise different working styles and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify the triggers to difficult behaviours.
  • Apply strategies to deal effectively with difficult people and difficult situations
  • Suggest action plans and solutions for their own scenarios.

This two day workshop provides a comprehensive insight into key management skills. It will raise your awareness of the role of management. Delegates will experience a host of ideas and shared experiences on which they can draw on to perform their job more effectively including:

  • Knowing the role of management
  • Recognising your own management style
  • Adapting your style to suit different situation
  • Being more confident in your role as a manager/leader
  • Improving skills in motivation, delegation and team building
  • Learning key skills to deal with poor performers and difficult people.

Are you always in a rush and feel you are always running out of time?
Would you like to be more under control and suffer less stress?
A refresher/introduction to Time Management skills which will adapt to any current time management tools.

  • Discuss the problems of poor time management
  • Understand the principles of good time management
  • Learn tools and techniques that can be employed at work
  • Produce an action plan to implement the skills learnt

One way to help people grow is to use objective non-judgmental feedback. Feedback is a central part of performance management. It is one of the managers / supervisors key tools for maintaining and improving performance on a day to day basis, not just at annual appraisal time. This one day interactive course covers all aspects of performance management and feedback skills and techniques to give delegates confidence in this vital area of their responsibilites and enable participants to:-

  • Explain the importance of performance management and the giving of constructive feedback
  • Identify opportunities for giving performance management feedback
  • Understand the skills needed to give effective performance management feedback
  • Devise strategies to deal effectively with difficult situations and different reactions
  • Successfully plan, structure and conduct feedback session in a variety of situations at work

This course will help delegates to write better business documents, whether emails, letters, reports or proposals, so that they achieve the results they want. (One estimate says that British businesses waste about £6 billion a year through bad writing.)
Specifically delegates will:-

  • Learn how to write better letters, emails and reports
  • Make their writing more effective, producing the results they want
  • Make planning, writing and editing business documents easier and faster
  • Make it easier for their readers to read, understand and act appropriately
  • Recognise and use the principles of plain English
  • Clarify some of the contentious points in English grammer and punctuation
  • Increase their confidence

Are you required to make presentations, give talks, speak to large or small groups of people?
Do you get that horrible feeling in your stomach when you are asked to do a presentation in front of your colleagues or external clients?
When you do your presentation, do you do justice to the subject and achieve your desired outcomes?
Do you know how to adapt your style according to the size and level of your audience and the agreed objectives?

This practical course is aimed at anyone who has to give presentations or talks to any size of audience, either internal or external to the organisation. This course will also help those who have to present issues or projects and meetings in a more informal way.


  • To enable delegates to manage their nerves and speak with confidence
  • To enable delegates to deliver professional presentations
  • To learn tips and techniques to improve presentation delivery
  • To learn how to gain audience rapport and control

Daily Delegate rate:- Full day £154.00 + VAT Prices of in-house courses available on request
Watford Chamber Members £125.00 + VAT Courses will be held in Watford.
For more details visit http://www.partners-in-business.co.uk/

Mr Lee Walsingham, Watford Chamber Training Initiative, Partners In Business,

74 Highland Road, Northwood Hills, Middx HA6 1JU

Tel 01923 835981 Email info@partners-in-business.co.uk

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